Hessville Plumbing strongly believes in continuing education. Hessville Plumbing pays for our employees education at the Northwest Indiana Plumbing and Heating School in Cedar Lake. We also send our employees to seminars on the latest products and newest techniques in plumbing.

Want to use a non-chemical product for your plumbing to break down grease, hair, food, etc. in your drain lines? We are proud to announce that Hessville Plumbing is now offering our customers Bio-Clean.

We try to schedule our visit around your schedule. Work during the week? That's OK, we will schedule our visit
on a Saturday!

In order to do big jobs you need big equipment. Hessville Plumbing has everything needed to complete a big job. We have all the backhoes, dump trucks and excavators to complete any job!! Call us today at 219-845-8770 for a free quote.